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Daksh is an organophosphate insecticide that protects plants from insects, worms and pests and helps to utilize the nutrients and energy present in the soil. It also acts as a fumigant with excellent penetration properties that destroy insects instantly and it is recommended for pests such as borers, leaf miners and leaf caterpillars which attack crops.



Required amount of Daksh in water to provide uniform coverage.


CROP PEST Active Ingredient (a. i) in gram/1000ml Water
Paddy Brown plant Hopper cutworm/Army worm leaf roller/folder 470



Pulses Leaf eating caterpillar 300
Oil seeds Caterpillar 625
Vegetables Red pumpkin beetle 500
Cotton Whitefly, hairy caterpillar, pink bollworm, spodopera spp, helicow 750-1000
Millet, sorghum, maize Caterpillars 500
Potato Jassids, leafminers, leaf-eating caterpillars, Aphids 500
Groundnut Red hairy caterpillar, leaf-eating caterpillar 625


30ml of DDVP in 15 litres of water to be mixed for spray or 30ml of DDVP/15 litres Knapsack sprayer.

Pre-Harvest Interval: 7-10 days

Re-entry period: 48 hours

Harmful-Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed or if symptoms of poisoning occur, call the physician immediately. Keep in a cool dry place away from open heat.


Paddy, pulses, oil seeds, and vegetables

CAUTION: Avoid mixing the product with alkaline fungicides. Be careful while applying on undeveloped leaves and seeding plants


Do not mix with bare hands. Do not smoke, handle or eat food chew and drink while spraying the insecticide. Avoid inhalation of the mist. Spray the insecticide only in direction of the wind. Wear protective clothing like rubber gloves, face shield, overalls and shoes.


Skin absorption, headaches, sweating, vomiting, lacrimation, and salivation.

FIRST AID: Remove patient to fresh air. Induce vomiting with common salt in warm water. Wash contaminated skin with soap

ANTIDOTE: Gastric lavage with 5% sodium carbonate atropine 2-4mg at 5-10 minute intervals for hours together administer 1-2mg of 2PAMi 10ml distilled water & inject intravenously very slowly taking 10-5 minutes.

Store in the original container, keep tightly closed in a dry area. Store below 30°C. Don’t store near food, feed, or drinking water.

DISPOSAL OF CONTAINERS: Washing from the containers should be disposed off in a safe manner, so as to prevent environmental or water pollution. The used packages should not be left outside. They should be broken and buried away from inhabitants.

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