Anti Protozoa: Effective Protection Against Protozoan Infections in Livestock

At Totmak Farmers Centre, we offer powerful Animal Anti Protozoa solutions to safeguard your valuable livestock from the threats posed by protozoan infections.

Understanding Protozoan Infections

Learn about the impact of protozoan infections on livestock and how our Anti Protozoa products can provide prevention and treatment.

Comprehensive Anti Protozoa Solutions

Explore our range of Anti Protozoa treatments, carefully formulated to combat various types of protozoan infections and promote animal health.

Swift Relief and Recovery

Choose our fast-acting Anti Protozoa formulas to provide rapid relief and support the recovery process for affected animals.

Safe and Reliable

Rest assured that our Anti Protozoa products are safe for livestock and have been trusted by farmers for their efficacy.

Expert Consultation

Our experienced team is available to offer expert advice and help you select the most suitable Anti Protozoa solution for your animals.

Enhancing Livestock Well-Being

Support the overall well-being of your livestock by protecting them from the harmful effects of protozoan infections.

Committed to Animal Welfare

At Totmak Farmers Centre, we prioritize the welfare of your animals and strive to provide the best Anti Protozoa products available.

Powerful Defense Against Protozoa

Experience the powerful defense of our Anti Protozoa treatments as they protect your livestock from protozoan infections.

Ensure Livestock Health

Take proactive measures to ensure the health of your livestock and prevent the spread of protozoan infections with our reliable Anti Protozoa solutions.

  • Diminashish Plus 23.7gOut Of Stock


    DIMINASHISH PLUS is indicated for the treatment & control of Trypanosomiasis due to Trypanosoma congolense, T vivax and T brucei. & Babesiosis due to Babesia bovis, B. bigemina, B. ovis, B. motasi, B. equi and B. cani

    Diminashish Plus 2.37g Diminashish Plus 23.7g


  • Diminor Plus

    DIMINOR PLUS 2.36g

    Diminor Plus® is active against Trypanosoma and Theileriosis in domestic animals such as cattle, sheep, etc. Diminor Plus has a high effect against infections such as Babesia caballi, B.equi, B.bigemina, Babesia bovis, Babesia colchica, and sheep Babesia, also active against T.annulata, Trypanosoma equiperdum, and Trypanosoma evansi. Diminor Plus® has the advantage of containing vitamin B12. Therefore, Diminor Plus® can treat diseases related to vitamin B12 deficiency.


    DIMINOR PLUS 2.36g


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