Unlock the potential of your agro-allied operations with our wide selection of cutting-edge agricultural Farm Machines. From advanced hand tools to innovative power tools and livestock solutions, we have everything you need for success.

Farm Machines: Revolutionizing Agricultural Productivity

At Totmak Farmers Centre, we offer a comprehensive range of farm machines designed to elevate agricultural efficiency and output. From heavy-duty tractors and tipping trailers to versatile disc harrows, our collection caters to diverse farming needs.

Transformative Tractors for Enhanced Farming

Discover the power of our robust tractors, built to handle various farming tasks with ease. These machines empower farmers to plow, plant, and harvest with efficiency, optimizing overall agricultural processes.

Efficient Tipping Trailers for Easy Transportation

Our tipping trailers simplify the transportation of crops and other agricultural materials. With a convenient hydraulic tipping mechanism, loading and unloading become quick and effortless.

Precision Disc Harrows for Optimal Soil Preparation

Prepare the soil for planting with our precision disc harrows, ensuring uniformity and proper seedbed preparation. These harrows break up soil clumps and residue, contributing to healthier crop growth.

Streamlined Poultry Processing with Defeathering Machines

Our defeathering machines facilitate poultry processing, efficiently removing feathers to streamline the production process and ensure high-quality poultry products.

Versatile Cassava Peelers and Graters

Experience the convenience of our cassava peelers and graters, essential for cassava processing. These machines efficiently remove the outer skin and grate cassava, preparing it for various applications like garri production or cassava flour.

Efficient Garri Fryers

Our garri fryers are designed to fry cassava granules into the popular garri product. With precise temperature control and sturdy construction, these fryers ensure consistent and uniform frying for optimal taste and texture.

Why Choose Our Farm Machines?

  1. Reliable Performance

Our farm machines are built to withstand the rigors of agricultural work, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

By incorporating our farm machines into your operations, you can significantly boost farming productivity and output.

Revolutionize Your Farming Experience

At Totmak Farmers Centre, we are committed to providing farmers with top-quality farm machines that revolutionize their farming experience, empowering them to achieve greater success in their agricultural endeavors.


    Enhance your poultry farming with our efficient Automatic Debeaking Machine. Streamline the debeaking process with precision and care. User-friendly and reliable, it ensures accurate trimming while promoting poultry welfare. Elevate your flock management and operational efficiency


    This Manual Debeaking Machine is an essential tool for poultry farmers designed to simplify the beak trimming process, this user-friendly device allows for precise and controlled trimming of chicken beaks. With its sturdy construction, it ensures long-lasting performance and durability. The ergonomic design provides comfort and ease of use, minimizing operator fatigue. Upgrade your poultry farm with our dependable Manual Debeaking Machine, offering efficient and humane beak trimming for improved flock management and enhanced poultry welfare.

  • Defeathering Machine


    This Defeathering Machine is specially designed to remove feathers from poultry, such as chickens or ducks, quickly and efficiently. This mechanical tool streamlines the feather removal process, saving time and effort compared to traditional manual plucking methods.


    • Capacity: Can handle either 2-3 birds, 5-6 birds, or 8-10 birds at a time.
    • High efficiency: Provides fast and effective plucking.
    • Clean and quick plucking: Ensures feathers are removed efficiently.
    • No bruises on the poultry bird’s skin: Preserves the quality of the bird’s skin.
    • Fast process: Plucking three birds takes approximately one minute.
    • Suitable for individual households: Ideal for small-scale operations with minimal investment and space requirements.
    • Power: Equipped with a 2.2kw motor for reliable performance.
    • Compact dimensions: Measures 800 x 700 x 940mm (Length x Width x Height).

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    Defeathering Machine



    Totmak Farmers Centre brings you a remarkable selection of robust tractors, the backbone of agricultural operations. Crafted to deliver exceptional performance, these workhorses are meticulously designed to conquer any farming challenge. With unwavering durability and innovative features, our tractors are built to endure the harshest conditions. Whether it’s plowing the fields, hauling heavy loads, or undertaking various tasks, Totmak Farmers Centre tractors rise above the rest. Harness the power and reliability of our machines, and witness your farm thrive with unmatched productivity and success.

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    Upgrade your farming operations with this Tipping Trailer! This durable trailer attaches to your tractor, making it effortless to transport heavy loads. Easily tip and unload materials for improved productivity. Get this Tipping Trailer today and experience convenience and efficiency on your farm

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    Get the Totmak Farmers Centre Disc Harrow now and transform your fields! Our powerful harrow cuts, turns, and smoothens the soil, creating the perfect seedbed. Say goodbye to weeds and hello to bountiful harvests. Invest in quality and efficiency with Totmak Farmers Centre.

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    Totmak Farmers Centre offers a reliable and efficient tractor slasher, an essential tool for maintaining your farm. The slasher is designed to effortlessly clear vegetation, including grass, bushes, and small trees, to ensure a tidy and well-maintained property. With its sturdy construction and sharp blades, it can handle tough cutting tasks with ease. The Totmak Farmers Centre tractor slasher is a valuable addition to any farm, providing effective vegetation management to enhance the overall appearance and productivity of your land.

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