At Totmak Farmers Centre we offer exceptional day-old chicks of renowned breeds like Marshals, Arbor Acres, and Agrited Ross 308. Unlock the potential of the best breed for thriving poultry production.

Day Old Chicks: Your Source for a Diverse Range of Breeds


At Totmak Farmers Centre, we take pride in offering a wide selection of day old chicks from various breeds, catering to all your poultry farming needs.

A Variety of Breeds

Choose from a diverse range of day old chicks, including broilers, layers, cockerels, noilers, kuroilers, and point of cage, as well as old layers. Whatever breed you need, we have it!

Healthy and Vigorous

Our day old chicks are hatched from carefully selected parent stocks, ensuring they are healthy, robust, and ready to thrive in your farm.

Expert Hatchery Process

With our state-of-the-art hatchery process, we maintain strict hygiene and quality standards, ensuring the best start for your chicks’ lives.

Support for Poultry Farmers

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, our team is here to provide expert advice and support, ensuring your poultry farming venture is a success.

Affordable Pricing

At Totmak Farmers Centre, we believe in fair and competitive pricing, making our day old chicks an affordable choice for poultry farmers.

Committed to Quality

Our commitment to delivering top-quality day old chicks has earned us the trust and loyalty of farmers across the region.

Invest in Your Poultry Farming Future

Experience the satisfaction of raising healthy and productive poultry with our top-grade day old chicks.

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