Enhance your agricultural endeavors with high-quality farm tools and accessories. Find reliable equipment to optimize productivity and efficiency

Farm Tools and Accessories: Empowering Agriculture at Totmak Farmers Centre

Discover a comprehensive selection of farm tools and accessories at Totmak Farmers Centre, designed to support every aspect of farming. From animal farm tools to crop farming equipment, we provide the tools you need to thrive in agriculture.

Essential Farm Tools: Enhancing Efficiency

Our wide range of farm tools is carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of farmers. Whether you’re tending to animals or cultivating crops, our tools are engineered for optimal performance and efficiency.

Animal Farm Tools: Caring for Livestock

Equip your farm with high-quality animal farm tools that simplify animal care tasks. From grooming tools to feeding and handling equipment, we have everything you need to ensure the well-being of your livestock.

Crop Farming Equipment: Maximizing Yields

Enhance your crop farming endeavors with our top-notch equipment. From planting to harvesting, our tools streamline the farming process and contribute to higher yields.

Irrigation Systems: Efficient Water Management

Keep your crops hydrated and thriving with our efficient irrigation systems. From drip irrigation to sprinklers, we offer solutions that conserve water while nourishing your crops.

Why Choose Our Tools and Accessories?

  1. Quality Craftsmanship

Our farm tools and accessories are crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

  1. Performance-driven Design

We prioritize functionality in our products, delivering tools and accessories that deliver outstanding results in the field.

Elevate Your Farming Endeavors

From hobby farms to commercial operations, our tools and accessories are indispensable assets in optimizing productivity and achieving success in agriculture.


    Highrisn Automatic Poultry Syringe is a durable, fixed-dose syringe designed for precise poultry injections. Made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, it offers 7 piston doses for accurate dosing. Ideal for poultry and small animal injections.


    • Features:

      • Strong steel blade
      • Non-slip handle
    • Benefits:

      • Cut grass, weeds, and light brush effectively
      • Provides excellent control and precision
    • How to Use:

      • Swing the cutlass to trim vegetation with control.

    Get organized with our vibrant Plastic Egg crates! Designed for secure egg storage, these sturdy crates come in fun colors. Lightweight with dependable handles, they make carrying eggs a breeze. Keep your eggs safe and your kitchen clutter-free. Order your Plastic Egg crates today


    • Sturdy and durable plastic material
    • Vibrant colors for easy organization
    • Lightweight design for effortless carrying
    • Sturdy handles for secure transportation


    • Keeps eggs safe during storage and transportation
    • Makes organizing eggs simple and efficient
    • Easy to carry without risking damage to eggs
    • Adds a touch of color and vibrancy to your kitchen

    The farm axe is a reliable tool for cutting wood or clearing small trees and branches. Its high-carbon steel head and shock-absorbing fiberglass handle make it easy to split wood for fuel or other purposes.

      • Features:

        • High-carbon steel head
        • Shock-absorbing fiberglass handle
      • Benefits:

        • Ideal for splitting wood and clearing small trees
        • Provides efficient wood-cutting capabilities
      • How to Use:

        • Swing the axe with two hands, ensuring a safe distance from others.

    • Features:

      • Strong steel blade
      • Non-slip handle
    • Benefits:

      • Cut grass, weeds, and light brush effectively
      • Provides excellent control and precision
    • How to Use:

      • Swing the cutlass to trim vegetation with control.

    The garden fork is a must-have tool for every gardener. Its strong stainless steel tines and comfortable wooden handle allow you to loosen compacted soil and improve aeration, promoting healthier plant growth.

    • Features:

      • Stainless steel tines
      • Ergonomic wooden handle
    • Benefits:

      • Loosen compacted soil effectively
      • Improve soil aeration for healthier plants
    • How to Use:

      • Insert the fork into the soil, gently lift and loosen to avoid damaging roots.



    This garden hoe is a versatile tool for cultivating, weeding, and shaping soil. Its strong steel blade and long wooden shaft make it easy to work the soil and maintain a well-groomed garden.

    • Features:

      • Strong steel blade
      • Long wooden shaft
    • Benefits:

      • Ideal for cultivating, weeding, and shaping soil
      • Enables efficient gardening and soil preparation
    • How to Use:

      • Push and pull the hoe through the soil to remove unwanted growth.



    This garden rake is essential for maintaining a tidy garden. Its durable metal head and ergonomic handle make it easy to clear leaves, debris, and level soil, ensuring a beautiful landscape.

    • Features:

      • Metal head
      • Comfortable grip handle
    • Benefits:

      • Clear leaves and debris effectively
      • Level soil evenly for better planting
    • How to Use:

      • Pull the rake through the ground to gather unwanted materials.

    This portable sprayer allows for precise application of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The comfortable shoulder straps and adjustable nozzle provide convenience and flexibility during spraying tasks. With a generous capacity and durable construction, it ensures optimal coverage and long-lasting performance. Streamline your gardening or agricultural activities with our reliable Knapsack Sprayer and achieve healthy and thriving plants with ease



    Experience the joy of gardening with our vibrant Watering Can. Designed for effortless watering, this lightweight can is ideal for every gardener. Its colorful design and comfortable handle add a touch of delight to your routine. Achieve precise watering and keep your plants flourishing. Get your Watering Can today


    Keep your feet dry and protected during wet farm chores with these waterproof rain boots.

    • Features:

      • Waterproof rubber material
      • Slip-resistant sole
    • Benefits:

      • Keep feet dry and protected during wet farm chores
      • Ensures safety and comfort in muddy and damp conditions
    • How to Use:

      • Slip on the rain boots before working in damp or muddy conditions.

    Protect your hands from thorns, blisters, and harsh elements while gardening with these durable hand gloves. The tough and flexible material, along with reinforced palms, ensures reliable protection during various tasks.

    • Features:

      • Tough and flexible material
      • Reinforced palms
    • Benefits:

      • Shield hands from thorns, blisters, and harsh elements
      • Provides reliable hand protection during gardening tasks
    • How to Use:

      • Wear gloves while handling tools or plants to protect your hands.

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