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TS Liver Care promotes optimal liver function in poultry, enhancing digestion, metabolism, and detoxification processes. It supports poultry experiencing common conditions like lack of appetite and water belly syndrome and can be used alongside medications for maximum benefit. Boost immunity and disease resistance in your flock with TS Liver Care.


TS Liver Care: Optimal Liver Function for Poultry Health


TS Liver Care is a specialized supplement designed to support liver health in poultry. With its unique formulation, it enhances digestion, metabolism, and detoxification processes, ensuring optimal performance and immunity in poultry flocks.

Improved Digestion and Metabolism:

By promoting the efficient digestion and metabolism of main feed nutrients, particularly fats, TS Liver Care helps poultry extract maximum nutritional value from their feed. This results in improved energy utilization and overall metabolic function.

Enhanced Detoxification:

TS Liver Care boosts the natural detoxification function of the liver and bile, aiding in the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste products. This helps maintain a healthy liver and ensures optimal functioning of vital organs.

Support for Common Conditions:

For poultry experiencing lack of appetite, water belly syndrome, or hydropericardium, TS Liver Care provides essential support. Its targeted formulation addresses these conditions, promoting recovery and restoring normal physiological functions.

Complementary Use with Medications:

TS Liver Care can be safely used alongside anticoccidials, antibiotics, and antiparasitics to minimize potential liver damage associated with these treatments. By supporting liver function, it ensures that poultry can tolerate medication regimens more effectively.

Boosted Immunity and Disease Resistance:

By improving liver function and overall health, TS Liver Care enhances poultry immunity and resistance against diseases. This helps reduce the risk of infections and promotes overall flock health and productivity.



  • Improves digestion and metabolism of main feed nutrients especially fats.
  • Enhances the natural detoxification function of the liver and bile.
  • Support for lack of appetite, water belly syndrome and hydropericardium.
  • It can be used together with anticoccidials, antibiotics and antiparasitics to minimize the possible damaging effects on the liver.
  • Increases immunity and resistance against diseases.


1ml per 4 liter of drinking water. It may be used for 10 consecutive days in high performing layers and breeders and fast growing Broilers. Shake before using.

Precipitation may occur and will not diminish efficacy. Following withdrawal of the first dose, use the product within 28 days, discard unused product.


Do not combine with alkaline drugs. Do not administer large amounts of amino acids at the same time, otherwise, it will affect the absorption of L-carnitine.


Please use this product under the guidance of a veterinarian.


Keep out of reach of children


Store below 300C keep in dry place, preserve in tight containers.


3 years

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