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Fish Gro is the key to quick growth and efficient feed utilization in your fish farm. Experience accelerated weight gain, reduced feeding costs, and balanced nutrient levels for healthier and more profitable fish. Suitable for various fish species, Fish Gro is the essential addition your aquaculture operation needs.

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Elevate Your Fish Farming with Fish Gro: Unleash the Power of Quick Growth and Efficient Feeding

As a dedicated fish farmer, you’re always in pursuit of ways to enhance the growth and health of your aquatic stock. Enter Fish Gro, a revolutionary product designed to transform your fish farm into a thriving hub of growth and vitality. Allow me, an experienced veterinarian and aquaculture expert, to guide you through the myriad benefits of Fish Gro, and why it’s the key to unlocking the full potential of your fish farm.

Accelerated Growth for Maximum Profit

Fish Gro is your secret weapon for achieving rapid and consistent growth in your fish. With its unique formulation, it promotes quick weight gain, ensuring that your fish reach market size faster. This not only maximizes your profits but also reduces the resources and time required for rearing, making your farm more efficient and cost-effective.

Efficient Feed Utilization

One of the core advantages of Fish Growth Booster is its ability to enhance feed utilization. Your fish will efficiently convert the feed they consume into body mass, minimizing wastage and feed-related expenses. This efficiency results in healthier fish and a more sustainable farm operation.

Nutrient Balancing and Stability

Maintaining the right balance of nutrients is crucial for fish health and productivity. Fish Gro excels in providing the essential nutrients needed for proper growth and vitality. It stabilizes nutrient levels in and around the fish’s body, ensuring optimal health and resilience against common diseases.

Tailored for Aquatic Success

Fish Gro is suitable for various species of fish, making it a versatile choice for your farm. Whether you’re cultivating tilapia, catfish, trout, or any other species, Fish Gro has been formulated to meet their specific needs. Its adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any aquaculture operation.

Unlock the Potential of Your Fish Farm

Incorporating Fish Gro into your daily fish farming routine is a smart investment in the future of your business. Experience accelerated growth, efficient feed utilization, and robust nutrient balancing that will take your fish farm to new heights.


Quick Growth, Better Utilization of Feeds, Proper Balancing and Stability of Nutrients in and around body of the fish. Ensures rapid weight gain.


Per 12×12 of pond (1000 Fish)

Measure 30g-40g of the dry FISH GRO and add directly into two ends of the pond.

To be mixed with the quantity of feeds to be given, allow to dry for few minutes and feed to the fish.

Withdrawal Time: Nil

For veterinary use only

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