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Enhance egg production and poultry health with Topfeeds Layer Mash. Featuring 16.5% Crude Protein and essential nutrients, this premium feed is designed to maximize egg-laying potential. Carefully selected ingredients, including Soybean Meal, promote strong shells and skeletal health with 3.6% Calcium and 0.45% Available Phosphorus. Additionally, it provides critical amino acids with 0.87% Lysine and 0.44% Methionine. Keep your flock in top form with Topfeeds Layer Mash. Order now for prolific layers and healthier poultry.

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  • Finisher Mash
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  • Starter Mash
  • Super Starter Crumble
  • Super Starter Mash

Elevate Egg Production with Topfeeds Layer Mash: Optimal Nutrition for Your Flock

When it comes to ensuring maximum egg production and overall health for your poultry, look no further than Topfeeds Layer Mash. Our specially crafted feed is designed to provide your flock with the ideal blend of nutrients for exceptional results.

Premium Ingredients for Superior Nutrition

Topfeeds Layer Mash is made from high-quality ingredients, including Soybean Meal, Salt, Limestone, Vegetable Oil, Di-calcium Phosphate, and Mineral/Vitamin Premixes Feed Additives. This carefully selected combination guarantees a well-balanced diet, promoting the well-being of your layers.

Nutrition Facts for Peak Performance

Our Layer Mash offers remarkable nutrition facts, with a Crude Protein content of 16.5% to support egg production. It contains 5% Crude Fat and 7% Crude Fiber, optimizing overall health and digestion. With an impressive 3.6% Calcium content and 0.45% Available Phosphorus, it ensures strong eggshells and skeletal health. Plus, it includes 0.87% Lysine, 0.44% Methionine, and a combined Methionine+Lysine content of 0.7%, promoting the amino acids essential for layer health.

Safety and Feeding Instructions

Please note that Topfeeds Layer Mash is not suitable for human consumption, and it should be kept out of reach of children. Always provide clean water when feeding your flock. Be aware that the packing weight may vary due to changes in humidity during storage, but the quality remains consistent.

Optimize Your Poultry Production

Unlock the potential of your poultry flock with Topfeeds Layer Mash. Elevate their nutrition and maximize egg production with our superior feed. Experience the difference for yourself and place your order today. Give your layers the nutrition they deserve and watch your egg production soar.


Soybean Meal, Salt, Limestone, Vegetable Oil, Di-calcium Phosphate, Mineral/Vitamin Premixes Feed Additives

Not for human consumption, keep out of reach of children. Provide clean water whenever feeding.

Note: Packing weight can fluctuate during storage due to loss or gain in humidity.

Nutrition facts:                                                 %

Crude Protein                                          16.5

Crude Fat                                                5

Crude Fibre                                             7

Calcium                                                  3.6

Available Phosphorus                              0.45

Lysine                                                    0.87

Methionine                                             0.44

Methionine+Lysine                                   0.7




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Chick Mash, Finisher Mash, Finisher Pellet, Grower Mash, Layer Mash, Starter Mash, Super Starter Crumble, Super Starter Mash

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