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Sunseed Grower Mash is the foundation for your poultry’s success. This balanced feed ensures healthy growth, strong bones, and robust immune systems. Transitioning your birds from starter to grower feed is easy, thanks to its carefully designed nutritional profile. Trusted by poultry farmers, Sunseed Grower Mash sets the stage for a prosperous future for your birds. Remember, it’s not for human consumption; store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its freshness and quality.

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Sunseed Grower Mash: Optimal Nutrition for Growing Poultry

When it comes to nurturing your young poultry, providing them with the right nutrition is crucial for healthy growth and development. That’s where Sunseed Grower Mash comes in, delivering a carefully balanced diet that supports your birds’ growth needs.

Ingredients for Success: Sunseed Grower Mash is expertly crafted with a balanced blend of essential ingredients, including maize, wheat offal, soya cake, oil, limestone, DCP, salt, Vit TM Premix-Lysine Methionine, enzyme, and toxin binder. This premium feed contains a minimum percentage of protein, ensuring that your young birds get the vital building blocks they need to grow into strong, productive layers or meat birds.

Promoting Vitality: Our grower mash includes important vitamins and minerals that enhance bone development and overall vitality. This results in robust, healthy birds that are better equipped to withstand environmental stressors and disease challenges.

Improved Digestibility: The feed is designed for optimal digestibility, reducing the risk of digestive issues and nutrient wastage. This means your birds can efficiently utilize the nutrients in their feed, translating to better growth rates and improved feed efficiency.

Easy Transition: Transitioning from starter to grower feed is seamless with Sunseed Grower Mash. Its carefully balanced composition ensures a smooth shift while maintaining the nutritional needs of your birds during this critical phase of development.

For a Brighter Future: Invest in your poultry’s future with Sunseed’s Grower. Whether you’re raising layers or meat birds, this feed provides the necessary foundation for healthy growth and performance. Make the smart choice for your poultry by choosing Sunseed Grower Mash.


Poultry Feed For Layers (9-18 weeks)


Maize, Wheat Offal, Soya Cake, Oil, Limestone, DCP, Salt, Vit TM Premix-Lysine Methionine, Enzyme, Toxin Binder

CAUTION: Not For Human Consumption

Store Cool and Dry

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Grower Mash, Layer Mash

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