Experience the transformative power of Kachprovyte, the ultimate stress-busting multivitamin for your poultry. Combat stress caused by high temperature, vaccination, and debeaking, while boosting feed efficiency in broilers and growing birds. Witness improved egg size and percentage lay in your laying hens. Trust in Kachprovyte’s effectiveness to prioritize the well-being of your valuable poultry flock. Embrace this reliable solution for a healthier, more productive, and happier poultry farm.

  • 500 ML
  • 1L

Kachprovyte: Empowering Stress-Free Poultry Health

Kachprovyte is a multivitamin that excels in combating stress among poultry. Our effective solution addresses the challenges posed by high temperatures, vaccination, debeaking, and more. Witness the positive impact of this multivitamin on broilers and growing birds as it enhances feed efficiency and contributes to improved egg size and percentage lay.

A Stress-Free Haven for Poultry:

Kachprovyte takes the lead in creating a stress-free haven for your poultry, ensuring their well-being and contentment.

Efficient Feed Utilization for Broilers:

Broilers thrive under Kachprovyte’s influence as it enhances feed efficiency, leading to healthier growth and peak performance.

Nurturing Growing Birds’ Potential with Kachprovyte:

Kachprovyte nurtures growing birds, supporting their growth and development, and helping them reach their full potential.

Empowering Laying Hens:

For laying hens, Kachprovytes works wonders, contributing to improved egg size and percentage lay, ensuring healthier and more productive hens.

Proven Success Stories:

Kachprovyte boasts an impressive track record, delivering proven results for poultry health, keeping them happy and stress-free.

Seamless Care with Kachprovyte:

With Kachprovyte’s easy application, taking care of your poultry becomes a breeze, ensuring their well-being without hassle.

Combat stress, enhance feed efficiency, and promote growth in broilers and growing birds. Experience improved egg size and percentage lay for your laying hens. Trust in Kachprovyte’s efficacy to prioritize your poultry’s well-being and productivity. Embrace this reliable solution and ensure the health and vitality of your beloved poultry flock with Kachprovyte.


KACHPROVYTE is very Effective for stress associated with high temperature, vaccination, debeaking, etc. To increase feed efficiency in broilers and growing birds. For improved egg size and percentage lay etc.


1ml to every 6 litres of drinking water


PRECAUTION: Ensure Medicated Water is consumed within 24 hours.


STORAGE CONDITION: Store in a cool and dry place, below 30°C

Withdrawal Period: None

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500 ML, 1L

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