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Ivanor Injection is your livestock’s best defense against nematodiasis, ascariasis, and parasitic insect diseases. Keep your animals healthy and thriving with this easy-to-use solution. Its effectiveness translates to enhanced livestock productivity, ensuring your farm’s success. Don’t compromise when it comes to your livestock’s well-being; choose Ivanor Injection today for a disease-free, thriving herd or flock.


Unlock Livestock Wellness with Ivanor Injection

Livestock farming is a rewarding endeavor, but the battle against nematodiasis, ascariasis, and parasitic insect diseases can be relentless. That’s where Ivanor Injection steps in as your trusted ally in safeguarding your valuable livestock.

Comprehensive Parasite Control:

Ivanor Injection is a potent solution for the prevention, treatment, and control of a range of parasitic infections that plague livestock. From nematodiasis to ascariasis, this versatile treatment has got you covered. Say goodbye to the threat of these parasites compromising your livestock’s health.

Enhanced Livestock Health:

Healthy livestock are the cornerstone of a successful farm. Ivanor Injection ensures your animals remain vigorous, thriving, and free from the debilitating effects of parasitic infections. With regular use, you’ll witness a noticeable improvement in your livestock’s overall well-being.

Elevated Productivity:

Healthy animals are productive animals. Ivanor Injection’s ability to combat parasitic diseases directly translates to improved livestock productivity. Whether you’re focused on meat or dairy production, investing in your livestock’s health pays dividends.

Ease of Use:

Ivanor Injection is designed with practicality in mind. Its simple administration process makes it easy for farmers of all levels of experience to use effectively. Incorporating it into your livestock care routine is seamless.

Make the Smart Choice:

Don’t compromise when it comes to your livestock’s health. Ivanor Injection is the key to maintaining a disease-free, thriving herd or flock. Act now to secure the well-being and productivity of your livestock.


For prevention, treatment, and control of livestock nematodiasis, ascariasis, and other parasitic insect diseases.

Cattle, sheep, and goat: Haemonchus spp, ostertagia spp, cooper worms, Bunostomum spp, oesophagostomum spp, Dictyocaulus spp, and Chabertia spp in sheep of all stages from third larvae to adult; arthropods such as maggots, lice, mites, ticks, sheep ked, chewing lice, and blood-sucking flies.

Pigs: Roundworms, Hyostrongylus spp, Strongyloides spp, Trichocephalus spp, oesophagostomum spp, metastrongyloids, and stephanurus spp adults and immature worms; Intestinal trichinella, haematopinus, and sarcoptic mange.

Dosage and administration:

For subcutaneous injection only

Cattle/Camel: 0.5m1 per 50 kg body weight

Pigs/Rabbit: 0.15m1 per 10kg body weight

Goat/Sheep: 0.25mls per 25kg body weight

Dogs: Adjust the dose according to body weight or according to the Doctor’s prescription. Consult the Veterinarian on the previous medications and medical history before administration of the Ivanor 2% Long-acting injectable solution.


Do not use in animals with known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient.

Do not use by intramuscular or intravenous administration.

Special warnings:

Toxic to aquatic life.

Withdrawal period:

Pig: 28 days.

Cattle, sheep, and goats: 35 days.

Milk: 20 days.


Store below 25°C in a dry place, and protect from sunlight.

Shelf life: 4 years.

Keep out of reach of children

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