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Fish Biotic is a potent antibiotic for treating bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in fish, including Vibriosis, Furuncullosis, and E.Coli. It also prevents stress and boosts overall performance, promoting rapid recovery and improved health in your aquatic livestock.


Fish Biotic: Your Reliable Solution for Fish Infections and Performance Enhancement

What You Need To Know:

Fish Biotic is a potent antibiotic specifically formulated for the effective treatment of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in fish. With its broad spectrum of action and high efficacy, Fish Biotic provides comprehensive protection against common fish diseases while also boosting overall performance and reducing stress in your aquatic livestock.

Effective Treatment Against Fish Infections:

Fish Biotic is highly effective against a variety of fish infections, including Vibriosis, Furuncullosis, E.Coli, White Head, Salmonellosis, and Bacterial enteritis. It is also beneficial for treating secondary infections resulting from wounds, fin rot, gill rot, and broken head. By targeting the root cause of these infections, Fish Biotic ensures rapid recovery and improved health in your fish population.

Prevention of Stress and Performance Boost:

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, it helps prevent stress and enhances overall performance in fish. By reducing the incidence of infections and promoting a healthy aquatic environment, it supports optimal growth, development, and productivity in your fish farm or aquarium.

Key Features and Benefits of Fish Biotic:

  • Broad Spectrum Action: It provides comprehensive protection against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in fish, ensuring thorough treatment and prevention of diseases.
  • High Efficacy: With its strong and highly effective formulation, Fish Biotic delivers rapid relief from fish infections, promoting quick recovery and improved health.
  • Stress Reduction: It helps alleviate stress in fish, creating a conducive environment for optimal growth, development, and performance.
  • Performance Enhancement: By preventing infections and promoting overall health, Fish Biotic boosts the performance and productivity of your fish populat


A very strong and highly effective Antibiotic for the cure of Bacterial, Viral and Fungal infections such as Vibriosis, Furuncullosis, E.Coli, White Head, Salmonellosis, Bacteria enteritis, and also effective for the treatment of Secondary infections from Wound, Finrot, gill rot and Broken Head. Also Prevent Stress and Boost Performances





-Mix 50 -100gm into 2 – 5 Litres of water and Pour into a pond space that contain about 1000kg fishes or into 1000 Cubic Litres or 12ft by 12ft space for 3-5 days. Always make sure the water is clean and properly mixed.

100 – 200gm of Drug into a 500kg – A ton of feed mix a Little quantity of diluent such as Water, Egg, etc. and mix properly into a finished feed for 3-5 days




Ensure the health and well-being of your fish with Fish Biotic. With its potent antibiotic properties, broad spectrum of action, and performance-enhancing benefits, it is your reliable solution for treating infections and optimizing performance in your aquatic livestock.

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