DUDUALL 450 EC is your powerful ally in insect pest control. This broad-spectrum insecticide effectively targets a wide range of pests, including aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, bollworms, and more in various crops. It’s not just for fields; it also tackles pests in soil, buildings, and termite colonies. Take a proactive approach to pest management with DUDUALL 450 EC.

  • 100 ML
  • 500 ML
  • 1L


DUDUALL 450 EC is a broad-spectrum insecticide used for the control of various insect pests (aphids, caterpillars leaf minors whiteflies, bollworms, armyworms, cutworms, jesuits etc.) in various crops and a variety of insects dwelling under and above the soil, buildings, prefabricated, and timber houses and termite moulds.


For use in various crops and soils, mix TWO mls of DUDUALL 450 with ONE LITRE of water and apply as spray in crops or moist soils as recommended. It can be applied with any ground application equipment and is non-corrosive to equipment.

Rate of use: 0.5 – 1L/Ha

Hazardous and Precautions: POISON, keep out of reach of children. WEAR BOOTS, FACE MASKS AND OVEROLLS DURING SPRAYING.

Do not eat, smoke, or drink when handling.

Storage and Disposal:

Store in original tightly closed container in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place away from children, livestock and animal feedstuff not below -50C. Destroy the empty containers by triple rinsing, puncturing, burying them or burning in a safe place away from water sources and human habitation. Do not reuse the container for any other purposes.

Environmental Hazards: Harmful to fish, do not contaminate water sources, ditches or ponds with the concentrate, its solution or empty container.


Skin contact: Immediately wash with plenty of water.

If ingested: Call a physician, or Poison Control Centre, If medical assistance not be given immediately, induce vomiting by giving two glasses of water by touching the back of the throat with a finger.

Eyes contact: Rinse immediately and wash with plenty of running water for at least 15 minutes.

NOTE TO PHYSICIANS: Administer Atropine Sulphate as an antidote.

NOTICE TO THE USER: This pest control product should be used only in accordance with the directions on this label. It is an offence under the Pest Control Product Act to use or store a pest control under unsafe conditions

SELLER’S GUARANTEE (WARRANTY): Seller’s Guarantee is limited to the terms set out on the label and subject thereto, the buyer assumes the risk to persons or property arising from the use or handling of this product and accepts the product on that condition.

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