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Centre Gentamycin Injection is a trusted solution for treating pneumonia, arthritis, and acute bacterial infections in livestock. Its potent formula effectively targets bacterial pathogens, providing quick relief and promoting rapid recovery. With versatile application options and proven efficacy, it ensures the health and well-being of your animals.


Centre Gentamycin Injectionis a reliable solution for treating a range of acute infectious diseases commonly affecting livestock. Specifically formulated with Gentamycin sulfate, this medication effectively targets and eliminates bacterial infections associated with pneumonia, arthritis, sepsis, and more.

Key Benefits:

1. Pneumonia Treatment: Centre Gentamycin Injection is highly effective in combating pneumonia, a common respiratory disease in animals, caused by bacterial pathogens such as Streptococcus spp. Its potent antibacterial properties help alleviate respiratory symptoms and restore lung health.

2. Arthritis Relief: Livestock afflicted with arthritis, often caused by streptococcal infections, can find relief with Centre Gentamycin. By targeting the underlying bacterial infection, it helps reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote joint mobility and comfort.

3. Management of Acute Infectious Diseases: This medication is invaluable in managing various acute infectious diseases, including sepsis caused by Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) infection. By swiftly eradicating bacterial pathogens, it prevents the spread of infection and facilitates rapid recovery.

4. Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Action: Centre Gentamycin Injection exhibits efficacy against a wide range of bacterial infections affecting different organ systems in livestock. From blood poisoning to urinary and reproductive tract infections, respiratory ailments, peritonitis, mastitis, and skin infections, it provides comprehensive antibacterial coverage.

5. Quick and Effective Relief: With its fast-acting formula, Centre Gentamycin delivers prompt relief from symptoms associated with bacterial infections, allowing animals to recover swiftly and resume normal activities.

6. Versatile Application: Whether administered orally, intramuscularly, or intravenously, Centre Gentamycin offers flexible dosing options for convenient and effective treatment of various livestock species.

7. Reliable and Trusted Solution: Backed by scientific research and veterinary expertise, Centre Gentamycin is a trusted medication recommended by veterinarians worldwide for its proven efficacy and safety profile.

Ensure the health and well-being of your livestock with Centre Gentamycin Injection, a dependable solution for treating pneumonia, arthritis, and other acute bacterial infections. Administer as directed by your veterinarian to promote optimal recovery and performance in your animals.


Cure animal’s pneumonia, arthritis caused by streptococcus infection and other acute infectious diseases such as sepsis caused by Hib. Gentamycin sulfate is effective for blood poisoning, uropoiesis reproductive system infection, respiratory tract infection, alimentary infection (include peritonitis), infection of biliary tract, mastitis and skin, parenchyma infection which is arose by sensitive organism.

Dosage and Administration:

Intramuscular injection

Livestock: 0.02-0.04ml/kg body weight, twice a day, 2-3 days.

Withdrawal Time:

Meat: 10 days.

Storage Condition:

Tightly sealed, Store below 25°C and avoid light.


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