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Defend your crops from Lepidoptera pests with Caterpillar Force, a powerful insecticide delivering stomach and contact poisoning. Its translaminar movement ensures deep penetration, paralyzing pests and curbing feeding within hours. Trust Caterpillar Force on vegetables, maize, cotton, and more, for impressive results against these destructive insects. Secure your harvests and protect your investments with this reliable solution preferred by farmers for its efficacy in Lepidoptera pest control.



General Information:

Caterpillar Force Insecticide acts by stimulating the release of y-aminobutyric acid, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, thus finally activating chloride channels. It has quick-acting low dosages, and long validity. etc. which is now the agricultural bio-pesticide application for the world’s farming.

Principal uses:

Caterpillar Force is stomach poison first and contact poison second. It is a non-systemic agricultural insecticide, which penetrates leaf tissues by translaminar movement. Paralyzes the Lepidoptera, which stop feeding within hours of ingestion, and die 2-4 days after treatment. Caterpillar Force Insecticide is used to control Lepidoptera pests on vegetables, brassicas, maize, sorghum, millet, rice, wheat, cotton, beans, cowpea, soybean, fruit tree crops, and other crops.

Directions of use:

Calibrate the sprayer before use. Half-fill the sprayer with clean water and add the recommended quantity of Caterpillar Force. Agitate during the completion of filling then destroy the container. If Caterpillar Force Insecticide remains in the container, replace the cap tightly after use.

Rate of use:

Crop Pest Rate of use/ha Dosage/15 L Tecto* Sprayer
Vegetables such as onion, cabbage, tomato, hot pepper, sweet pepper, watermelon, garden egg, carrot Loopers, Diamondback moth, Tomato leaf miner”Tuta absoluta”, Fruit worms, Earworms  




100g – 200g





10 – 20g

Wheat, rice, maize Army Worm
Cotton Cotton Bollworm
Beans, soybeans, cowpea, groundnuts Cutworms, Silver looper moth

NB: The volume of clean water to cover one ha is 400 liters.

Re-entry period: 48 hours

Toxicity class: ll


Caterpilllar Force is not compatible with alkaline materials.

Protective precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes, skin, clothing, and breathing vapors. Wear protective clothing, gloves, and goggles. Do not drink, eat or smoke tobacco during application. Wash the used equipment and bathe after application.

First aid:

If contaminated with skin or clothing, take off contaminated clothes. Rinse skin with plenty of water. If inhaled, move the person to fresh air and if the person is not breathing, give artificial respiration. If swallowed, induce vomiting and drink enough water. Seek medical attention.

Handling and storage cautions:

Do not store near food, feed, or drinking water. Store in a dry, well- ventilated area below 30°C.

Disposal of the pesticides’ empty containers:

Wastes should be disposed off in a landfill approved for pesticide disposal or according to the local rules.

Legal responsibility:

The distributor guarantees the quality of Caterpillar Force®. However, since we do not have control over the mixing and usage of Caterpillar Force, no guarantee is given and no liability is accepted for any unsatisfactory effect, injury or damage arising from the use of it.

Formulated for agricultural uses only

Keep out of reach of children


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