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Highrisn Automatic Poultry Syringe is a durable, fixed-dose syringe designed for precise poultry injections. Made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, it offers 7 piston doses for accurate dosing. Ideal for poultry and small animal injections.


Poultry Continuous Syringe

0.2-0.75ml Highrisn Automatic Poultry Syringe is a fixed-dose continuous syringe with all-metal material. It has an accurate and reliable dose and is designed specifically for poultry. This Automatic Poultry Syringe can also be used to inject other small animals. The accessories in this syringe are all made from high-quality materials, oilproof, and corrosion-resistant; the piston can slide freely in the metal casing. This syringe has 7 doses of piston: 0.2ml, 0.25ml, 0.3ml, 0.5ml, 0.75ml. The default installation of the syringe is 0.3ml.

Before use:

1. Recommend to sterilize the syringe before each use.
2. Make sure all threads are tightened.
3. Ensure the valve, spring, and washer are all placed correctly.

Set dose:

1. Ready for round needle (15).
2. Grip the syringe cavity (5) with fingers and rotate to open it.
3. Press handle (13), push the piston to the top, and then insert the round needle into the hole of the piston.
4. Grip and unscrew the piston, and replace the required dose piston.
5. Tighten the new piston lightly with the round needle.
6. Remove the round needle from the piston.
7. Put a drop of vegetable oil on the O-ring of the piston. (This is very important, otherwise, it will affect the use of the syringe and shorten its life)
8. Tighten the syringe cavity.

Prepare to extract vaccine:

1. Insert a long needle into the vaccine vial through the vaccine vial rubber stopper, to ensure the long needle has been inserted into the bot of the vaccine vial.
2. Connect one end of the plastic tube with a long needle, and connect the other end of the plastic tube with syringe suction connector (14).
3. Continuously twitch the syringe until the vaccine is drawn into the syringe.
Tips: Plug a small needle into the vaccine cork to deflate.

After-using maintenance:

1. After each use of the syringe, draw and wash the syringe 6-10 times in clean water. The purpose is to remove the remaining substances from the chicken body, needle, and straw (take care to avoid being stabbed by the needle)
2. Open the syringe cavity (5), and clean all accessories with clean water.
3. Open the Luer needle connector (1) and suction connector (14), and wash them with clean water.


Avoid losing small accessories, such as “small spring”, ” stainless steel bead”, “plastic washers” etc.. 7-07 7-05 7-06 7-03 7-04 7-02 SLOO 50 O 9’0 O Piston: 7-01. 0.3ml 7-02. 0.75ml 7-03. 0.6ml 7-04. 0.5ml 7-05. 0.4ml 7-06. 0.25ml 7-07. 0.2ml 15 14 O 0.4 52’0 O 20 O

Parts Label:

1. Luer Needle Connector
2. Plastic Washer
3. Small Spring
4. Stainless Steel Bead
5. Syringe Cavity
6. O-ring
7. Piston
8. Connecting Rod
9. Handle
10. Cap
11. Handle Spring
12. Spring Casing
13. Handle
14. Suction Connector
15. Round Needle

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