Tick and Fleas Spray effectively treats tick and flea infestations in dogs and other pets, killing flea eggs, larvae, and ticks for comprehensive protection.

  • 250 ML
  • 500 ML

Tick and Fleas Spray: Effective Treatment for Pet Parasite Infestation

Comprehensive Tick and Flea Control:

Tick and Fleas Spray is an essential product for pet owners seeking an effective solution to tick and flea infestations in dogs and other pets. This powerful spray targets both adult parasites and their developmental stages, ensuring comprehensive control and prevention of future infestations.

Kills Flea Eggs and Larvae:

One of the standout features of Tick and Fleas Spray is its ability to eliminate flea eggs and larvae. By breaking the life cycle of fleas, this spray not only addresses current infestations but also prevents re-infestation, providing long-lasting protection for your pets.

Highly Effective Against Ticks:

Ticks can cause significant discomfort and health issues for pets. Tick and Fleas Spray is formulated to be highly effective against ticks, killing them on contact and reducing the risk of tick-borne diseases. This ensures that your pets remain healthy and free from the discomfort caused by these pests.

Safe and Gentle Formula:

Tick and Fleas Spray is designed with your pet’s safety in mind. Its gentle yet effective formula is safe for regular use, ensuring that your pets are protected without the risk of adverse reactions. Always follow the application instructions to ensure optimal results and safety.

Easy Application:

The spray is easy to apply, making it a convenient choice for pet owners. Simply spray directly onto your pet’s coat, focusing on areas where ticks and fleas are most likely to reside. This ease of use ensures that your pets can be treated quickly and efficiently, reducing stress for both pets and owners.

Suitable for Multiple Pets:

Tick and Fleas Spray is versatile and can be used on a variety of pets, including dogs and other small animals. This makes it a practical solution for households with multiple pets, ensuring comprehensive protection for all.

Enhanced Pet Comfort:

Regular use of Tick and Fleas Spray will help keep your pets comfortable by eliminating the itching and irritation caused by tick and flea bites. Happy, healthy pets lead to a happier home environment.


For the treatment of tick and flea infestation in dogs and other pets.


  • It kills flea eggs and larvae
  • Highly effective against ticks

Direction for Use:

Gently apply content to the hair of the animal, as close to the skin as possible. Wet the entire coat, but around the face area, apply the solution using a cloth or pad, avoid contact with the pet’s eyes. Allow to dry.

Store upright, at room temperature below 25°c


Do not use on cats.

Keep away from food and feed.

Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and pets.

Keep treated animals away from fire, after spraying, until the coat is totally dry.

Avoid spraying on the facial area. Wash hands thoroughly after using this solution.

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