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Propets Wound Healing Oil is your pet’s ultimate healing companion. This all-natural formula accelerates the healing of wounds, cuts, and skin irritations, providing rapid relief and promoting healthy skin. Versatile and gentle, it’s a must-have for pet owners, ensuring your beloved companions receive the care they deserve.

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Discover the Healing Power of Propets Wound Healing Oil for Your Beloved Pets

Your furry companions deserve the best, especially when it comes to their well-being. Introducing Propets Wound Healing Oil, a remarkable solution that’s here to transform the way you care for your pets.

Rapid Wound Healing:

Pets, just like us, can suffer from wounds, cuts, and skin irritations. This Wound Healing Oil is your trusted ally in ensuring their rapid recovery. This advanced formula accelerates the healing process, providing relief and comfort to your pets.

Natural Ingredients, Gentle Care:

We understand that your pets’ health is your top priority. That’s why Propets Healing Oil is crafted with all-natural ingredients. It’s gentle on their sensitive skin while packing a powerful punch against infections and inflammation.

Versatile Healing:

From minor scrapes to more significant injuries, this Wound Healing Oil is versatile in its healing capabilities. It’s suitable for a wide range of wounds, ensuring that you have a go-to solution for various pet health concerns.

Promotes Healthy Skin:

Healthy skin is the foundation of your pet’s well-being. With regular use of Propets Healing Oil, you not only address immediate concerns but also promote long-term skin health. Say goodbye to dryness, itchiness, and discomfort.

Peace of Mind for Pet Owners:

As a responsible pet owner, having the right products on hand is crucial. Propets Wound Healing Oil provides that peace of mind. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected injury or a persistent skin issue, you’ll have the solution you need within arm’s reach.


* Wear protective gloves during administration

* Avoid splash on skin and eyes

* Wash off the affected area with soap if splashed

* Seek medical advice in case of accidental ingestion

* Antropin sulphate is antidote

* External use only

*Keep out of reach of children


Rinse wound site with water and any antiseptic soap. Apply a small drop of Propets wound healing oil on the surface 3 times daily until healing is complete.



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