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Fivevet Amoxicillin is the ultimate solution for a wide range of livestock infections, from respiratory issues to mastitis and more. Restore your animals’ health and boost productivity with this versatile and easy-to-administer antibiotic. Trusted by farmers worldwide, Fivevet is the key to a healthier, more profitable farm.


Fivevet Amoxicillin: The Ultimate Solution for Livestock Infections

As a dedicated livestock farmer, you understand that infections can wreak havoc on your animals and your bottom line. That’s where Fivevet Amoxicillin comes to the rescue. As an experienced veterinarian and livestock expert, I’m here to guide you through the incredible benefits of this versatile antibiotic and why it’s a must-have for your farm.

Versatile and Effective

Fivevet Amoxicillin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic designed to combat a wide range of bacterial infections. Whether your livestock is suffering from respiratory tract inflammation, urinary, genital, or gastrointestinal tract diseases, dermatitis, mastitis, metritis, necrotic enteritis, or dysentery, Fivevet has you covered. It’s also highly effective against specific diseases like Pasteurellosis, Erysipelas, and secondary infections of PRRS and FMD.

Restoring Health and Well-being

Infections can lead to decreased productivity and even mortality among your livestock. Fivevet Amoxicillin acts swiftly to eliminate the bacteria responsible for these diseases, restoring the health and well-being of your animals. This means better growth rates, improved reproductive performance, and ultimately, increased profitability for your farm.

Ease of Administration

Administering medication to your livestock should be a straightforward process. Fivevet Amoxicillin offers ease of administration, allowing you to provide your animals with the care they need without unnecessary hassle. It can be conveniently added to their feed or drinking water, ensuring that your entire herd or flock receives the treatment they require.

Trust in Fivevet

Fivevet Amoxicillin is a trusted choice for livestock farmers worldwide. Its effectiveness, versatility, and ease of use make it an essential tool in your farm’s healthcare arsenal. By investing in Fivevet, you’re investing in the health and success of your livestock and your farm.


Specific for all infectious diseases caused by bacteria-sensitive with Amoxicillin such as:

-Respiratory tract inflammation diseases (Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia).

-Urinary, genital, gastrointestinal tract diseases, dermatitis, mastitis, metritis, necrotic enteritis, dysentery.

-Specific for Pasteurellosis, Erysipelas, secondary infections of PRRS, FMD.


Shake well before use.

General dose: 1ml/20kg Bw.

Repeat injection after 60 hours.


Meat: 14 days.

Milk: 4 days.


In a dry, cool place, under 30°C.

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