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Protect your poultry from infectious threats with Corymed. This powerful solution is designed to combat a wide range of infections, including coryza, respiratory issues, fowl cholera, E. coli, Salmonellosis, diarrhea, and C.R.D. Keep an eye out for symptoms like facial swelling, nasal discharge, and sneezing – and trust Corymed to keep your flock healthy and productive.

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Corymed: Your Poultry’s Guardian Against Infections

Poultry farming comes with its unique set of challenges, and one of the most significant threats is infections. Corymed, a trusted and highly effective solution, stands as a shield against a range of poultry diseases. From infectious coryza to upper respiratory tract infections, fowl cholera, E. coli, Salmonellosis, diarrhea, and C.R.D., Corymed is your answer to poultry health and productivity.

Comprehensive Defense:

Corymed doesn’t discriminate; it offers a comprehensive defense against various poultry infections. When your birds are plagued by symptoms like facial swelling, purulent ocular and nasal discharge, swollen wattles, sneezing, loss of condition, and inappetence, you can count on Corymed to come to their rescue.

Proactive Protection:

In the poultry world, prevention is often more valuable than a cure. By incorporating Corymed into your poultry care routine, you’re taking a proactive stance against infections. Protect your flock from the devastating impact of diseases, ensuring their well-being and productivity.

Scientifically Formulated:

Corymed’s efficacy is grounded in science. It’s specially formulated to combat Avibacterium Paragallinarum and a spectrum of other pathogens known to afflict poultry. When you choose Corymed, you’re choosing a scientifically backed defense for your birds.

Ensure Your Poultry’s Future:

Your poultry’s health is vital to your success as a poultry farmer. Don’t let infections hinder your flock’s growth and productivity. With Corymed, you’re investing in a product trusted by poultry farmers worldwide to safeguard their birds.


Corymed is indicated for the treatment and control of infectious coryza (Avibacterium, Paragallinarum) upper respiratory tract infections, fowl cholera, E.coli, Salmonellosis, Diarrhoea and C.R.D. Other associated symptoms such as facial swelling, purulent ocular and nasal discharge, swollen wattles, sneezing, loss of condition and inappetence.

Dosage: Acute infection – 100gm into 50 litres of water for 5-7 days

Prevention: 100gm into 250 litres of water for 5 days

Withdrawal: 3 days

Storage: Protect from sunlight, keep dry and cool

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