Experience the power of Annyiron Injection in preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia in baby piglets and grown-up animals like pigs, foals, calves, dogs, and lambs. Witness robust growth and improved vitality as your animals receive the care they need. With ease of administration, Annyiron Injection ensures precise dosing, providing convenience for farmers. Embrace this trusted solution and nurture the well-being of your beloved livestock.

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Annyiron Injection: Nurturing Healthy Growth for Baby Piglets and Grown-Up Animals

Annyiron Injection is the trusted solution for preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia in baby piglets, ensuring their healthy growth from the start. This powerful product boasts remarkable efficacy not only for piglets but also for a variety of grown-up animals like pigs, foals, calves, dogs, and lambs.

Say goodbye to worries of iron-deficiency anemia in your baby piglets with Annyiron Injection. The active ingredients work actively to combat anemia, promoting robust health and vitality. Witness your baby piglets thrive as they receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal development.

But that’s not all; Annyiron Injection extends its benefits to grown-up animals as well. Whether you have pigs, foals, calves, dogs, lambs, or others, this injection offers effective treatment for iron-deficiency anemia, bolstering their overall well-being.

The ease of administration makes Annyiron Injection a farmer’s best friend. Swift and convenient, this injection ensures precise dosing for your animals. Watch as they experience the revitalizing effects and regain their energy and vigor.

Ensure your animals grow up strong and healthy with Annyiron Injection as your ally. Embrace this reliable solution for iron-deficiency anemia, and empower your livestock with the care they deserve.


The product is a kind of organic injection with high iron content. It has a good effect on preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia in baby piglets and promoting its growth. This product is also effective on grown-up animals such as pigs, foal, calves, dogs, lambs and etc.


For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia including neonatal anemia in pigs, foal, calf, dog, lamb, and enhances immunity.

(1) It increases the baby pigs’ survival rate and enhances the ability to fight against disease and relieves stress, prevents White Muscle Disease.

(2) It treats postpartum anemia, operation anemia, parasite anemia, and nutrition.

(3) It has a good effect on preventing and curing iron-deficiency anemia in baby pigs, then promoting its growth.

Dosage and Administration

Administrated by deep intramuscular injection.

Piglets: 1ml – 2ml,

Lambs, horses, calves: 2ml – 6ml

Dogs: 0.2ml – 2ml

Adverse Reaction


Withdrawal Time

Pig-meat: 28 days

Cattle/Sheep/Goats-meat: No need to formulate

Pig/Cattle/ Sheep/Goats – milk: No Information.

Storage and Expired Time

Store in a dry place and Protect from light, below 30°C.

3 years


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