The most underestimated problem in intensive livestock farming is drinking water quality. Farmers often assess the drinking water based on the quality at the source, whereas the quality of the actual drinking water in the drinking system often contains many pathogenic microorganisms.
    is a major misunderstanding that problems may be prevented by disinfecting the water with chlorinated agents or acids.
    Cleaning is more important than disinfection
    To prevent the animals from getting ill due to contaminated drinking water, it is very important to remove biofilm from drinking water systems. Adding medicines, vaccines and nutritional supplements to drinking water creates a biofilm resulting in organic pollution of drinking water. Biofilm is the breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, in the biofilm, these microorganisms are often protected against disinfectants. Removing the biofilm removes 99% of all microorganisms, and pathogens will not stand a chance to protect themselves from disinfectants.
    Dual action
    Intra Hydrocare is specially developed for cleaning and disinfection of drinking water systems and has a dual action:
    * It removes the complete biofilm from the drinking water system
    * It disinfects the drinking water so that pathogenic microorganisms can no longer infect the animals.



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