Sunny Glee Super Pet Dog Multivitamin is a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals designed to enhance appetite, growth, and overall health in dogs. Ideal for all breeds and ages, this multivitamin is particularly beneficial for pregnant bitches and convalescent dogs, supporting healthy gestation, recovery, and vitality.


    Roys’ Pet Multivitamin is an excellent preparation and a combination of most essential vitamins, minerals, and oligo elements as required by most pets, work dogs, cats, and kittens for a bright, promising, and ambitious start in life for puppies and kittens as regards growth, disease resistance, paws, muscles, bone and skin development, intelligence, character, and agility.

    Roys’ Pet Multivitamin has in addition selenium and cobalt which enhance immunity, fertility, and sustenance of pregnancy, and is readily acceptable to all pets. With Zinc, Copper, and selenium the oligo elements are a bioavailable form of trace elements that are rapidly absorbed sublingually and unlocks the various metabolic processes as in digestion, assimilation, appetite, and disease resistance.

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