KC Ivermectin, your livestock’s guardian against parasites! This powerful solution takes on a range of invaders, from roundworms to ticks. Your animals stay healthier, perform better, and contribute to a thriving farm. Easy to use and trusted by experts worldwide, KC Ivermectin is your key to livestock prosperity. Invest in their well-being and your farm’s success today!


  • KC VIT

    Enhance your livestock’s vitality with KC Vit. From liver disorders to digestive health, nervous system support to blood parasite defense, this versatile supplement has you covered. Boost performance, combat deficiencies, and keep your animals thriving. Invest in KC Vit for healthier, happier livestock.

    KC VIT


    Koshikoff is your ultimate ally against respiratory infections with mucoid secretions. This mucolytic marvel enhances ciliary action, making breathing easier for your animals. Plus, its Menthol infusion provides relief from heat stress. Suitable for poultry, livestock, and dogs, Koshikoff ensures healthier animals and better performance. Elevate your animals’ well-being – choose Koshikoff today!


    Shanu Ceft Ceftriaxone is your go-to choice for tackling serious infections in livestock, especially when other treatments prove ineffective or potentially toxic. With its unique ability to target susceptible Enterobacteriaceae, it ensures comprehensive infection control. What’s more, its long half-life, excellent CNS penetration, and activity against Borrelia burgdorferi make it a versatile option for managing Lyme disease. Prioritize your livestock’s health and farm productivity with Shanu Ceft Ceftriaxone.

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