One of the primary priorities of poultry practice is the need for alternative nutritional supplements that help ensure optimal health, performance, and the amount and quality of products because poultry production is faced with the pressure of developments especially in the areas of nutrition and the management and organization of dietary requirements along with the pressure of increasing demand for poultry products. Therefore, this sector requires sustainable production aids which can be achieved using herbs or herb-based drugs.

 Since ancient times, herbs and several spices containing biologically active substances are used as a form of drug and the use of herbs or drugs containing herbs is gaining more attention in the animal production health care system. A few of the herbs that can be used as active ingredients in drugs and are helpful in poultry production include; Fenugreek, Turmeric, Astragalus, Capsaicin, Garlic, Aloe-vera, etc. which can even be used in laying birds with no threat of residual effects.

There are so many advantages that have been proven of using drugs with herbal components which include; stimulating the immune system, freedom from the threat of antibiotic resistance, stimulation of feed intake, no residual effect in meat or egg, antimicrobial, antioxidative, and coccidiostat stimulation, an increase in body weight gain, in all lowering the mortality rate and improvement of the blood and tissue lipid profile.

In conclusion, there are benefits derived from the use of drugs with herbal content. Ideally, drugs should not be used during the laying period of chickens because of residual effects in eggs but in this case, farmers can easily use these herbs in their layer, broiler, and parent stock, without any residual effect.

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