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Record keeping is a crucial and indispensable activity in any business, particularly in poultry farming. It is the first and most important step in taking control of your farm operations as well as the farms’ financial well-being. Good and accurate poultry farm records do not necessarily ensure a successful farm business; however, success is unlikely without accurate and effective records keeping.

More so, many farmers keep records but they do not have a system that can help them analyze these records.

Farm records can be kept manually or electronically each style having its limitations. They should be reliable and relevant. Information, when recorded, should be readily available and should be simple, easy to understand, without repetition but ultimately, must provide all needed information.

Record keeping serves as an important source for monitoring and evaluation as well as to analyze the profit or loss made by a business. It also helps the farmer to track income and expenditure which would assist in proper planning and budgeting. Farmers can better predict price changes of inputs and produce from expenditures and sales records kept from previous years this would aid proper forecasting. Most lenders, government agencies, insurance companies, banks, and others often require detailed and well-maintained records of the farm’s income and expenditure before giving out loans to farmers. Records raise a ‘red flag’ against theft and other vices that might happen on the farm. Record keeping also helps you to take corrective actions when the birds are not growing or performing accordingly. For example, if production drops in layers, you can easily go back in your records to pinpoint when the production started going down, then compare with the feed consuming patterns in the same period. If the consumption is also decreasing correspondingly, then you know there was a problem – disease, water, temperature conditions.

Therefore, for effective financial management, we would recommend a farm management software called FAMBOOK.ONLINE because it is a weekly report aggregation app with online and offline intelligence for farm operations where farm managers can post daily operations on the farm. The software possesses features such as a mobile app, cloud dashboard, self-service, vaccination and reminder, inventory control, accounts, cost monitoring, graph, reports, etc. It is accurate, very efficient, not time-consuming and all you just need is a phone with access to the internet and about 15 minutes of your time daily.

For more information on how to access the software, you can contact us at TOTMAK Farmers’ Centre on 08037272478, 09075341647

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