Our Watermelon Hybrid Seeds, treated with Thiram, offer 99.99% purity and 96% germination, ensuring a healthy and bountiful harvest. Perfect for commercial and home growers.

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Watermelon Hybrid Seeds Harmony F1: Superior Quality for Optimal Yield

Our Watermelon Hybrid Seeds are meticulously cultivated to ensure top-tier quality, promising exceptional performance for growers. Treated with Thiram (proseed) for disease resistance and longevity, these seeds boast a purity of at least 99.99% and a germination rate of at least 96%. These attributes make our seeds the ideal choice for commercial farmers and home gardeners alike, providing a reliable foundation for a bountiful harvest.

Key Features

  • Thiram Treatment: Treated with Thiram (proseed) to protect seeds from fungal diseases, ensuring robust growth and healthier plants.
  • High Purity: With a minimum purity of 99.99%, these seeds are virtually free from impurities, ensuring that each seed is of the highest quality.
  • Excellent Germination Rate: A minimum germination rate of 96% guarantees that nearly all planted seeds will sprout, maximizing your planting efforts and investment.
  • Hybrid Advantage: Hybrid seeds are engineered to deliver superior yield, improved disease resistance, and better fruit quality compared to traditional varieties.
  • Vigorous Growth: Designed for strong, vigorous growth, our hybrid watermelon seeds produce plants that are resilient and capable of thriving in various conditions.
  • Superior Fruit Quality: Expect large, juicy watermelons with excellent flavor and texture, perfect for both commercial sale and personal enjoyment.


  • Reliable Yields: High germination rates and strong plant vigor ensure a consistent and abundant harvest.
  • Disease Resistance: Thiram treatment protects seedlings from early-stage diseases, leading to healthier plants and reduced crop loss.
  • Cost-Effective: High purity and germination rates mean fewer seeds are wasted, making your planting more efficient and economical.
  • Enhanced Fruit Quality: The hybrid nature of these seeds guarantees superior fruit quality, which can command better prices in the market.

Usage Instructions

Plant seeds in well-drained soil, spacing them appropriately to allow for optimal growth. Water regularly and provide necessary nutrients to support healthy plant development. Follow specific agricultural guidelines for watermelon cultivation to achieve the best results.

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