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Kilicon Phyto, made from amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts, and purified water, supports liver and renal health, controls endocrine disorders, promotes growth, and enhances egg production and hatchability. Ideal for addressing various health challenges in livestock.


Kilicon Phyto Vitamin: Comprehensive Health Support for Livestock

Kilicon Phyto Vitamin is a premium health supplement formulated with a blend of amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts, and purified water. It is specifically designed to address a wide range of health issues in livestock, ensuring optimal performance and well-being.

Key Benefits

  • Liver and Renal Health: Kilicon Phyto Vitamin effectively controls liver enlargement, liver lesions, renal lesions, and urate deposition caused by diseases, toxins, metabolic imbalances, and improper drug use. Its unique formulation supports the detoxification and proper functioning of the liver and kidneys.
  • Endocrine Balance: This supplement helps manage endocrine disorders triggered by various stress reactions, ensuring the hormonal balance necessary for optimal health.
  • Growth Promotion: Kilicon Phyto promotes growth by providing essential nutrients that support overall health and development.
  • Enhanced Reproductive Performance: It increases egg production and hatchability, making it an ideal supplement for poultry and other egg-producing livestock.

Usage and Administration

Administer Kilicon Phyto according to the recommended dosage provided by a veterinarian or livestock specialist. It can be mixed with drinking water or feed for easy administration, ensuring your animals receive the full benefits of this powerful supplement.

Kilicon Phyto Vitamin is an indispensable addition to any livestock health management program. Its comprehensive formulation addresses multiple health issues, promoting the overall well-being and productivity of your animals.

Why Choose Kilicon Phyto?

Choosing Kilicon Phyto Vitamin ensures your livestock receive the essential nutrients needed to combat various health challenges. Its multifaceted benefits enhance liver and renal health, support endocrine balance, promote growth, and boost reproductive performance, making it a vital component of livestock care.

It is made up of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Plant Extracts, and purified water.


  • To control liver enlargement, liver lesions, renal lesions, and urate deposition caused by various diseases, toxins, metabolic imbalances, and improper use of drugs, etc.
  • It is used to control endocrine disorders caused by various stress reactions.
  • Promote growth, and increase egg production and hatchability.

Dose and Duration:

For poultry: 1 liter/1000-1500 liters of drinking water, for 3-5 days continuously.

Withdrawal Period: none

Storage Condition: Seal, avoid light and sunlight, and keep in a cool place.

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