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The 300kg Digital Hanging Scale offers precise and portable weighing for industrial and commercial use. Made from high-strength aluminum alloy, it’s durable and easy to use on a crane hook. Ideal for warehouses, shipping, and agricultural applications.


300kg Digital Hanging Scale: Precision and Portability for Heavy-Duty Weighing

The 300kg Digital Hanging Scale is a compact and portable weighing solution designed for reliable performance and accuracy. This high-strength scale, constructed with an aluminum alloy shell, is light in structure yet robust enough to handle heavy-duty tasks. It can be directly used on a crane hook, making it an ideal tool for various industrial and commercial applications.


Compact, portable digital hanging weighing scales offering reliable performance and weighing accuracy, can be used on crane hook directly. high-strength aluminum alloy used as scale shell, light in structure, and easy to use.


Accuracy class III
Tare weight 100% of capacity
Stabilization Time Within 10 second
Overload Alarm Value Max+9e
Factory proof load 125% of capacity
Power Three-fifths dry battery
Operating Temperature -10°C -40°C



Button Introduction
Power Button Press the [Power Button] in the shutdown state, backlight light on, boot after two seconds,

Press [Power Button] in the boot state, power off after two seconds

Hold Unit Pressing the “lock” key conversion between lock and unlock: under the condition of weight becomes zero, long press the [LOCK] for two seconds. Transition between kilograms, pounds, and Newton.
Tare Zero Zero Tare



  1. After entering into the Calibration! setup interface, The UNIT button is used to add the number, and the ZERO button is used to move the digits, and the [POWER] button is for the next step.
  2. At the time of calibration, if full range, weight of weights, decimal points, and dividing values do not need to be changed, then go to the next step when pressing the [POWER] button.
  3. Start to calibration setup.
No Explanation Display Operation
1 Start  


Pressing the ZERO and [POWER] buttons at the same time would start the machine.
2 Enter the full



00000 Press the UNIT button 1 time, then press the ZERO button to move to the second 0, then press the UNIT button 3 times, change the value to “03000”, and then press the [POWER] button to confirm the setup.
3   LOAD Lift the weights
4 Enter the weight value (e.g.,100KG) 0000 Press the UNIT button 1 time, then press the ZERO button to move to the second 0, then press the UNIT button 1 time, change the value to “01000”, and then press the [POWER] button to confirm the setup.
5 Select the position of the decimal point. P—1 Press the UNIT button to choose the decimal places from 0 to 4, normally choose “1”, it means one decimal point, then press the [POWER] button to confirm the setup.
6 Select the value of the scale division d—1 Press the UNIT button to choose, you can choose either of 1,2,5,10,20. Normally choose “1”, then press the [POWER] button to confirm the setup.
7 End Calibration Weight of weights The screen shows the weight of weights, it means the end of calibration.



  • Inspect the work area before each use. Keep the work area clean, dry, free of clutter, and well lit. Cluttered, wet, or dark work areas can result in injury.
  • Do not allow the Scale to come into contact with an electrical source. The Scale is not insulated and contact will cause electrical shock.
  • Keep children and bystanders away from the work area while operating the Scale. Do not allow children to handle the Scale.
  • Be aware of all power lines, electrical circuits, water pipes, and other mechanical hazards in your work area. Some of these hazards may be hidden from your view and may cause personal injury and/or property damage if contacted.


  • Do not overload the Scale. Do not exceed the Rated Loading Weight.
  • Do not expose the Scale to extreme heat or cold. The Scale is designed to work best at normal room temperature.
  • Do not leave a load hanging on the Scale for an extended period of time.
  • Do not expose the Scale to water or other liquids.
  • Do not place the Scale directly on the ground.
  • Rotate the load when necessary, rather than the Scale.
  • Check for damaged parts before each use. Carefully check that the Scale will operate properly and perform its intended function. Replace damaged or worn parts immediately. Never operate the Scale with a damaged part.
  • Store the Scale when it is not in use. Store it in a dry, well-ventilated, secure place out of the reach of children. Inspect the Scale for good working condition prior to storage and before re-use.

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