Annytrox Oxytetracycline Injection treats bacterial infections in cattle and sheep, including pneumonia, foot rot, IBK, scours, wooden tongue, leptospirosis, and acute metritis. Its broad-spectrum efficacy ensures healthy and productive livestock.

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Annytrox Oxytetracycline Injection

Annytrox Oxytetracycline Injection is a highly effective antibiotic treatment designed for cattle and sheep. This injectable solution is specifically formulated to combat a wide range of diseases caused by oxytetracycline-susceptible organisms, ensuring the health and productivity of your livestock.

Key Benefits

  • Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic: Annytrox targets a wide variety of bacterial infections, making it a versatile and essential treatment in livestock health management.
  • Effective Against Respiratory Diseases: Treats pneumonia and shipping fever, ensuring your animals maintain healthy respiratory function.
  • Eye and Foot Infections: Addresses infectious bovine kerato-conjunctivitis (IBK) and foot rot, common ailments that can significantly impact livestock well-being.
  • Digestive and Oral Health: Effective in treating bacterial enteritis (scours) and wooden tongue, promoting better digestive and oral health.
  • Reproductive Health Support: Treats acute metritis, ensuring the reproductive health of your animals.
  • Wound and General Infections: Provides reliable treatment for wound infections and other general bacterial infections caused by oxytetracycline-sensitive organisms.
  • Additional Disease Control: Effective against leptospirosis and diphtheria, enhancing the overall health and resilience of your livestock.

Usage and Administration

Administer Annytrox Oxytetracycline Injection under the guidance of a veterinarian to ensure proper dosage and effectiveness. This injection is typically given intramuscularly or subcutaneously, depending on the condition being treated and the specific needs of the animal.

Annytrox Oxytetracycline Injection is an indispensable tool for livestock health management. Its broad-spectrum efficacy and ease of administration make it a reliable choice for farmers and veterinarians aiming to maintain healthy and productive herds.


Treatment of diseases caused by oxytetracycline-susceptible organisms in cattle, and sheep, including pneumonia, shipping fever, infectious bovine kerato-conjunctivitis, foot rot, diphtheria, bacterial enteritis (scours), wooden tongue, leptospirosis, wound infections, acute metritis and streptococci organisms sensitive to Oxytetracycline.

Dosage and Administration

Administer by intramuscular injection.

Cattle: 0.5ml/10 kg bodyweight

Sheep: 0.5ml/10 kg bodyweight

If necessary, reinject with an interval of 3-5 days from the first administration.

Once a day, if necessary, reinject with an interval of 3-5 days from the first administration.

Withdrawal Period

Cattle -32 days

Sheep/goat – 28 days.

Milk – 9 days

Why Choose Annytrox Oxytetracycline Injection?

Choosing Annytrox Oxytetracycline Injection guarantees effective treatment of various bacterial infections in cattle and sheep. Its broad-spectrum action, combined with its ability to treat multiple conditions, makes it a vital addition to any livestock health care regimen.

Storage and Expired Time

Store in a dry place and below 30°C, avoid sunlight.

3 years



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